How much does it cost to decorate a room

The cost of decorating a house

Tom Young

1/1/20243 min read

When a decorator comes to quote a job for you they will take a few things into account. To Make it easy I will put a rough guide bellow to how much each scenario would cost.

90% Preparation 10% Work

The first thing the decorator will assess is how much work is there before it can be decorated. For the vast majority of jobs the first thing we will be doing is collecting materials, moving furniture and sheeting up the work area.

Then it's onto the prep. Any cracks will need to be raked out and filled. Any uneven surfaces will be filled, all caulking around the ceilings, coving or skirtings will need to be done. This is typically all that can be done on day one. Nothing else can be done until all of this has dried.

Once all the filling is done its time to start making the surfaces nice and flat. The sander will come out. Our sanders are fitted to dust extractors to help reduce dust particles in the air.

Finally we can paint. First all light fittings, plugs, sockets and radiators will be eased away from the wall were possible. Then the ceiling gets cut in twice and rolled twice. Next all the walls will be cut in at the top, cut in at the bottom and cut in around all light fittings, sockets and switches. This process will be done twice. Up until this point it wont look like a great deal has been done. In fact 90% of the work is complete. All thats left to do is roller 2 coats over all the walls. this will make a big difference and is the final part of the project.

If you are having woodwork done the process is slightly longer. First, all the woodwork will need to be filled where required. Caulked around the top edges to stop any future cracking. It will then need to be rubbed down. Any bare wood will need a primer coat, all woodwork will then need an undercoat and then finally a top coat can be applied and all this is done by brush and takes longer to apply.

In summary the average room will take:

  • 1 day to organise and prepare

  • 1 day to cut in the walls, ceiling and paint the ceiling

  • 1/2 a day to paint the walls

  • 1 day to paint the woodwork

That works out to a total of 3.5 man days.

How much does that cost you ask?

Well in full transparency I will not only tell you how much we charge but also how much the decorator makes and what the profit gets spent on.

The average decorator will earn between £150 - £220 a day depending on experience. We pay our guys £180 as they are all at a very high skill level and would otherwise be charging £220 a day but take a little less to guarantee job security and not have to worry about pricing jobs every evening. We as a company charge £220 a day for their services and make £40 per day from each decorator.

In this instance the redecoration of this room would come to approximately £770. From that the Decorator would make £720 (As we pay them per day) and we would be left with £50.

That £50 would go towards the cost of someone coming to the property for initial inspection, quoting the job, insurances and advertising.

As you can see, decorating businesses run on thin margins so it's extremely important to us that we do an exceptional job so we can be recommended.

We currently have 20 employees working with us and offer all services from extensions, loft conversions, full house refurbishments including plumbing and electrical works. If your interested in getting a quotation please get in touch. You will find all our contact details at

I hope this helped


  1. Large room, lots of filling 5 days £1100

  2. Medium room, medium filling 3.5 days £770

  3. Small room, light filling 2 days £440